Maggie is a ranch favorite. Her sweet face is adorable and is one of the sweetest on the ranch. Her poof of fiber on her head gives her a unique look that we love. A wonderful mother and fiber producer we couldn't have asked for a better alpaca!

Tamar is so cute! We can't get over her unique coloring on her face. One of our younger girls, we are excited to see her cria this coming spring!

Here at Living Water Fibers and Alpacas we specialize in huacaya alpacas. We also have several fiber sheep to incorporate wool into our blends. Currently 40 alpacas call the ranch home, and we are always looking to add to the herd. 

Each of our alpacas is unique, with their own personality and qualities. Please take a moment to learn about each one!

Ruth is one of our smaller girls, but she is beautiful. A dark rose grey, with a few patches of very dark brown, make her fiber very unique. She is actually the daughter of Naomi!

Priscilla is another one of our uniquely colored girls on the ranch. Considered a medium fawn but with quite a bit of white in her. She produces beautiful fiber and wonderful cria!

Mary will be your friend for life, if you bring her alfalfa that is! One of our sweet lambs, she is a beautiful cross. We have yet to sheer her, but are excited to see her fiber come spring. It already is showing a beautiful crimp and will be fun to work with!

Martha is our other sweet lamb on the ranch. She is half BFL and a beautiful dark brown and white coat with an already has an extremely long staple length. She also has yet to be shoren, but we cant wait to see her fiber come spring!