Alpaca Dryer Balls

Alpaca Dryer Balls


Dryer balls are a very effective and economical way to dry your clothes. These balls will last you a long time and remove the need to buy dryer sheets. Simply leave them in your dryer and they are always ready for the next load (we suggest leaving the door open slightly to help dry out any additional moisture, especially if you are in a wet climate). Dryer balls help separate clothes as they tumble, instead of keeping them stuck together. This allows more air circulation and faster drying time. By adding 2-4 to your dryer when drying clothes, you can usually reduce your dry time around 10 minutes per load. If you do 6 loads with 4-5 balls thrown in, that's an hour of energy saved. Not to mention you won't be buying dryer sheets anymore! They also help reduce static just as normal dryer sheets and fabric softeners do too.

Dryer balls are nontoxic and renewable

-Animal fiber is extremely renewable. Our animals are shorn once a year; if they weren't their coats would become overgrown and matted, making the animals hot and more susceptible to skin issues and heat stroke. Nothing goes to waste with the fiber! Our balls are made from the coarser leg and neck hair (while the better quality goes into yarn).

-Perfect solution for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Many people can not use traditional dryer sheets and fabric softeners because of the many additional chemicals and scents that are added. The only thing that goes into our dryer balls is fiber! 

They are all natural and do not contain any dyes. We can not guarantee the colors of each individual ball. If you have a preference, please contact us!
Want your clothes to still have a scent? Add a few drops of essential oil on your dryer balls and you will still have fresh smelling clothes. Our favorites are lavender or lemon!

Buy individually or as a set of 4.

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