Alpaca Saddle Blankets

Alpaca Saddle Blankets


Nothing could be better for your horse than a saddle blanket made of alpaca. After all, this is going to be in contact with your horse the most!

Compared to other processing procedures of saddle blankets and rugs, our saddle blankets are one single piece of alpaca fiber wrapped around jute cord base for added strength and durability, not felted like most saddle blankets. This is then woven with various patterns and colors by a hydraulic loom to ensure a tight and long lasting weave.

These blankets are as fine as cashmere, easy to clean, and will not absorb moisture nor odors. Additionally alpaca fiber has a high thermal factor (warm in the winter and cool and dry in the summer). It is 4x warmer than merino wool. It is a semi-hollow fiber, where wool is not, creating wonderful insulating properties while remaining lighter in weight than other natural fibers.

Alpaca naturally repels water, and acts to wick sweat away from your horse making for a more enjoyable ride. Alpaca fiber also has a high tensile strength, therefore more durable and long lasting than other fibers, while still remaining soft. These blankets resist pilling, tearing, staining, and creating static - meaning your blanket will most likely outlive the life of your horse, even with daily riding.

We use only natural colors in our saddle blankets. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or colors bleeding out when washing or while on the horse or pack animal.

Custom orders are accepted. An additional charge may apply. Please expect a 5-6 month turn around. Please contact us about placing a custom saddle blanket order.

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