Alpaca Work/Play Gloves

Alpaca Work/Play Gloves


Farm tested, farm tough! Made of soft alpaca fiber which has hollow-core insulation factor; everyone who works outdoors will LOVE these! Natural colors, undyed.

They have a particularly strong following among hunters, fisherman and farmers of all types. TIP! Some have reported wearing them as a liner INSIDE another glove for an extreme warmth combination, smart! 

Functional yes! But they're also quite attractive in soft subtle color shades. They look, feel and work great!

Unisex sizing: "Most" women would wear the Small. "Most" men would wear the Large. 

Materials: 80% alpaca, 20% nylon support

Care: Hand wash in room temp water with gentle laundry soap (or better yet, mild hair shampoo) and air dry for longest life.

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