Naturals Alpaca Yarn

Naturals Alpaca Yarn

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We are extremely proud to debut our first ever offering of yarn straight from our own alpacas! After sheering day, all the best fleeces were gathered and sorted by grade and color to ensure a quality yarn. The fleeces were then sent of to the mill to be spun into luxurious yarns perfect for your next project. 

Each skein is 100% alpaca and has approximately 150 yards. Our yarns are a competently natural and have not had any dyes or treatments. The harshest it has received is a gentle wash in all natural soap.

Light Brown, dark brown, and black are 3-Ply, worsted weight yarns which will create beautiful garments and accessories whether you are knitting, crocheting or even weaving.  

Habakkuk and Moses are 2-ply worsted weight yarns.

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