Pendleton Alpaca Blanket

Pendleton Alpaca Blanket


We are proud to offer a limited selection of alpaca blankets produced by Pendleton. Pendleton created this unique blankets as part of the Alpaca Blanket Project - a limited run of 100% USA grown alpaca fiber! These incredibly soft and warm blankets measure 53 by 70 inches and are perfect for cold winter days curled up on the couch with a hot drink. Get yours now, as supply won’t last long - and when they are gone, there gone!

The 100% alpaca blanket comes in two color options.

The Klamath Blanket comes in natural fawn and brown colors of the alpaca, in a stunning plaid pattern.

The Umpqua Blanket comes in natural colors of alpaca, particularly fawn and brown with black and white for emphasis.

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