Shackleton Alpaca Hat

Shackleton Alpaca Hat


We proudly support Adventure Required, a Peruvian outreach endeavor which helps the indigenous peoples of Peru to produce attractive USA designed 100% high fashion alpaca hats themed after the worlds great explorers. This hat was named for Ernest Shackleton - a British explorer who lead 3 expeditions to the Antarctic between 1901 - 1916.  

All hats are hand knit in the mountains of Peru by Quechua artisans who are paid a true living wage which provides for their families, creating opportunities for education, savings and a more secure future. 

Each hat is made from 100% baby alpaca. We currently have 4 colors in stock - red, navy, green, and grey. One size fits most. Small and extra large sizes can be ordered.

Care: Hand wash in baby shampoo in luke warm water, hang to dry 

USA designed, Made in Peru.

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