Hand-Woven Alpaca Placemats

Hand-Woven Alpaca Placemats


Add texture and subtle color to your table with wonderfully soft and amazingly durable placemats made from 100% alpaca fiber. All colors are completely and they will not bleed of fade over time.

Because alpaca resists absorbing moisture, odors, and stains they are the perfect material for something that will encounter spills galore! In most cases spilled foods and liquids can simply be dumped off. To create these wonderful placemats, alpaca fiber is wrapped around a jute cord to give it strength and durability. This is then woven into various designs with a hydraulic loom. This ensures a tightly woven fabric to increase the longevity of the fabric.

Can be used for so much more than keeping your plates and forks company…try using them on end tables to protect surfaces or use a single mat in the middle of a table for a decorate touch.

Please refer to the letter at the bottom of each photo when order.

We are happy to accept custom orders to suit your needs but please allow up to 5 months for delivery.

Care Instructions: Simply turn placemat upside down to shed any liquids off the surface. For stains: take a small amount of baking soda and apply to the stain. Apply a few tablespoons white vinegar and allow to sit for a few minutes. Using a gentle circular rubbing motion can be used if necessary. Bolt up the excess vinegar and allow to air dry. Do not wash in a washing machine as this will case felting.

Each placemat measures 14.5” x 16”. Presently we only have 1 of each style shown.

Created by hand in Paint Rock, TX using 100% American sourced alpaca fiber.

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